Luxury gifts for the rich only

Luxury gifts for the rich only


It is often said that the gifts are not required to be expensive to gain admiration of other, more important value and what it stands for, but they say this may change their minds if they have received a gift from this list: 

10) trip Virgin Galactic Space TV 
special gift can not be replaced later, where she is preparing the company "Virginia" to launch the first space flight tourist two years from now, and with a 500-seat all on board the spacecraft, were booked 450 seats of them, leaving only 50 seats, and to ensure the trip on board the ship, all you need do pay $ 200 thousand dollars.

9) shoes diamond 
shoes distinctive design, "Michael Shils," dedicated to women, made ​​of pure gold and studded with 2,200 distinctive piece of diamond, making the value of 232 thousand dollars.

8) glasses DG2027B 
Sunglasses distinctive design fashion house "Dolce & Gabbana", made ​​from the finest raw materials available in markets, where the use of pure gold in the design of the tires, which are available to a limited number compared to 383 thousand dollars.

7) kitchen elegant design Maratsi 
British designer "Maratsi" known Ptsamemath stunning kitchens Private businessmen and investors in the world, so if you are planning to get a kitchen distinctive fits your new home, you'll have to pay a sum of money is huge, about 463 thousand dollars to own a piece of art featured inside your home.

6) fountain dance 
to get the fountain characteristic suitable for evenings of romance with your spouse, you can require this of the company WET responsible for providing the same famous fountain in the "Los Angeles" But in the beginning, you should be ready for the costs of the massive, estimated at one million dollars.

5) Hire a yacht Eclipse 
Yes, it is the yacht definition of rich and owned by the Russian billionaire "Roman Abramovich" club president "Chelsea" English, the value of the yacht real is 485 million dollars, but can be rented for one night to spend an evening poetic or birthday celebration one of your friends, only if you're willing to pay $ 2 million dollars.

4) Jewel Amour 
is one of the gifts the most expensive in the world, because they are made ​​from 1600 pieces of diamonds in addition to the collar is made ​​of crocodile skin, with the use of white gold, so it is not surprising that the price of the jewelry piece of this 3.2 million dollars.

3) buy the project Virgin Oceanic 
Project Virgin Oceanic is a submarine sophisticated are working on them at the present time to drop off the wealthy businessmen on trips amazing unimaginable under the water, the value of the overall project is 10 million dollars, but in return you will enjoy Barahalat marine exciting at any time and without any restrictions.

2) Jewelry Elizabeth Taylor, 
one of the most famous stars of "Hollywood" and the most beautiful, is known to possess a bouquet characteristic of jewelry rare, and saw last December to hold a public auction for the sale of those works of art that have received some of the most famous men of politics and art around the world, where the estimated value of the jewelry total of 30 million dollars.

1) Project Utopia 
the most expensive gift in the world as it requires 100 million dollars to get them, which is about an artificial island made ​​up of 11 floors rise 65 meters above the ground, and include airfield for helicopters and docking station, can enjoy the look naturally stunning peak, where reveal the surrounding area at an angle of 360 degrees.

Restaurants and cafes visitors Pets

Restaurants and cafes visitors Pets


Restaurants and cafes, offering its services rely primarily on pets, between the interest in them, and as a way to entertain customers.


Daily Restaurant, Berlin

Restaurant "Daily," which opened in the German capital, "Berlin", is the first private restaurant

There are dogs and cats, and offers fresh dishes at a price ranging between 3 and 6 euros

For the meal, was the reason behind the opening of the restaurant owner noticed that the dog can not stomach

Carrying canned foods and dried.


Restaurant "Qiu Qiu", Australia

Based in the city, "and Stone Craft", specializing in organic meals for cats and dogs,

The restaurant is the first Australian to pets, the restaurant offers chicken and natural yoghurt

Add to animals because there is a delivery service for homes.


British cafe

British cafe opened in "Stoke-on-Trent" in the county, "Stafford Shire"

Entry is open to many kinds of exotic animals is not only cats and dogs, but

Llamas and skunks are also some other animals, the cafe is based

For members of the Society for the Protection of exotic pets with their animals.


Miao cafe Cafe, Toronto

Cafe "Cafe Miao", located in the city of "Toronto" the first of its kind in Italy,

The service cats and dogs and pets with fondled Also, where can

Customers enjoy the food for them and their animals.


Japanese cafes

Spread cafes devoted to cats and dogs a lot in Japan, to the extent that they have become

Dates, fearing for the lives of cats and other stress.


Restaurant "New York"

Restaurant "Mio Mix enough," the first restaurant dedicated to cats in "New York", the restaurant

Bmoaúd provider cats can sit them to taste 6 different varieties of

Canned foods

Scientific experiments crazy not heard by

Scientific experiments crazy not heard by


Scientists have proven their theories conducting experiments crazy and dangerous to themselves .... How was the result?


Barry Marshall

Drinking flask full of bacteria! Everyone told him that the bacteria will not survive in the stomach

Rights, but "Barry Marshall," Australian doctor, who spent all his life in

Study the behavior of bacteria, the bacteria known to cause ulcers, and watched many of the

Patients are cured because of eating antibiotics, for this, and prove to the scientific community

He was right, he decided to "Marshall" drink some bacteria, and when the show began

Symptoms of gastritis proved that he was right, eat some antibiotics,

And went to receive the Nobel Prize in physiology.


Werner Forssman

Put a catheter into his heart! More importantly, a heart surgeon in the history of mankind, it was believed that he could

Access to the heart through the development of a simple tube through the patient's arteries, but

Many of his fellow Germans, told him that this idea a little bit crazy, and they

May be fatal, "Forssman," and decided that he was right, the experiment was conducted

To himself, to prove they are safe. But his help, the nurse, asked him to be conducted

Them, and agreed "Forssman" to this request, but he has Deceit, fearing her,

And performed the experiment on himself already, and then the same images using X-ray

In his office. Then got the Nobel Prize in medicine. 


Stubban Firth

During the period of the spread of yellow fever, malaria, try a medical student, "Firth Stubban"

To prove that malaria is not contagious, but failed to do so. This is one of the

Of the most craziest experiences, where the drying effects of vomiting patient malaria, then the

Cum on the eye, and began to notice the same for a while, until proved he did not hurt the disease. 

But of course now we know that this movement may cause the disease, why has survived

"Stubban"? The fact that the assumptions says that the sample obtained were not

Infectious at the time, which means that it was lucky no more.


Thoor Herdhal

Sailed this crazy world in the Pacific to prove that the ancients have done this earlier!

"Herdhal", the world famous Norwegian, he studied biology, geography, and many

Excavations, to reach the conclusion that the ancients had traveled across the Pacific Ocean,

Using a simple stone raft, this was the one making a similar, escorted

His luggage with him, and he traveled in the Pacific Ocean for more than 101 days, even

Prove that the theory is correct, later, in the world of 2011, proved to genetic research

That the theory of "Herdhal," is the closest health. But despite this, there is still some

Scientists skeptical of this experience, and what he did assert that "Herdhal"

Does not mean anything.


Tycho Brahe

Nabil Danish, as well as an astronomer, and he liked to argue in mathematics too, in

Dinner, in 1566, began a debate on the issue of sports-specific, and objected to the

One of his guests, and the evolution of matter between them for the brawl, then a duel with swords, was

"Brahe" an excellent athlete, and a fighter is a master, and in this cause to lose

His nose as a result of this quarrel.


Pierre Auguste

Require surgery good, anesthesia well, this world famous German knew this lesson

Very early, and has been trying to access the best formula for anesthesia, and he was thinking in that

The best place to process anesthesia, is in the spinal column, and I think that the best way

To make sure of this, is to conduct an experiment on himself. This is a request for help from the Ihaknh

Material of cocaine in the spine. After that the frequency Assistant, the "Pierre" Unlike

Experiment, conducted by the assistant, and even makes sure that he does not feel anything in his feet,

The amortization of the cigarette butts, and beaten with a hammer, of course, lost Hodeidah ..

Then his job, but he changed the face of the world of anesthesia.


Sir Henry Head

Sometimes exceed the limits of scientific obsession with logic, and this is what he did the conduct of "River Head",

It is a famous British neurosurgeon, when the nerves of the hands and disarm in order to study the

The effect of this on his sense of pain, and the difference between the sensory nerves and those of other

Kinetic. Got "Head" on many nominations Nobel Prizes in medicine. 


George Stratton

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you wear lenses volatility of the picture? This is what

Do "Stratton" world famous psychiatry, who wore this type of lenses

For a whole week. After four full days of this experience, he began to feel dizzy and not

The ability to balance, but his vision remained upside down, and during the fifth day, he began his brain

The heart of the image. When he arrived on the eighth day, he was able to walk in the world of



Elza and trample

When World War II began, the problems of food began to appear in Britain,

And affect a large proportion of people. So I decided, "and trample" to start in

Try to find enough food for humans, but they were not know how to start,

I stopped for food. Offered the same for many of the diets that aim of

Through which to see what is enough food, which guarantees survival,

And recorded the results.


Kevin Warwick

British scientist, and electronics-obsessed, beyond the limits of logic and reason,

Where it around his body to the body of a letter, in 1998, had been planting a number

Of chips in the arm works like a computer, Vtadhae light, or shut it down,

As well as open doors remotely, and it was always going to measure these different effects

That occur all the time himself. 

Scientific experiments strange to read thought


Some exotic experiments carried out by some scientists to read the ideas which is on its way to turn this dream into reality.



Enables a group of scientists, from the experiments carried out for the development of one of the forms of reading ideas

Users of virtual reality techniques such as magnetic resonance imaging, and include these experiments

Control of neural activity to determine what an individual thinks, Valzchriat stored in certain regions

The results of the brain by magnetic resonance imaging is accurate images of the building faces people

And which can identify the criminals in the minds of their victims, it can also work developments

Them to rebuild the full visual experiences of the past.


Echo LG

One of the inventions discovered by a group of scientists which is an acronym for "planning electrophoretic

To the cerebral cortex, "they integrates them with some computer software in order to know the ideas and words

Imagined by the human mind, and the invention depends on the implantation of electrodes deep in the brain, what

Scientists are watching makes the cells individually and with high accuracy and the electrodes are connected by wires directly

To the computer for the program will complete response of all that is going on in the brain.


Planting circuit in the brain

Some scientists have managed to exploit the device planted in the brain of a patient to increase electricity

In the body and in Ozvoh experience will enable them to know what he thinks before he speaks human,

By monitoring a particular area of ​​the brain when thinking Tthvz. Over time, they will be able

Interpretation of everything that goes on in the human brain and thinking only once.



Could a group of scientists from the Institute, "Max Planck" to know what is going on in the head

Person by reading his thoughts by displaying random images on a volunteer during

Scan of his brain, and this survey is to predict what he saw from the pictures using the analytical program

On the computer, this program works on an analysis of pumping blood in the brain regions, including the

Can predict the images of the things that he saw a person with an accuracy of 78%, and why

The complete lack of vision that anyone who can not control his thoughts is fragmented thinking

In more than one thing at once.


Sensors brain

One of the experiments for scientists from the University of "Utah" the U.S., where they were able to identify

Some of the words that the person thinks about it before you pronounce them, and that their status as some of the sensors

The bottom of the brain (the area between the neck and the cerebellum), and asked the volunteer to utter some

Words and tied every word tell her outgoing referring to the brain, and after they finished recording

Some words, they asked him to think of several words and already managed to identify them

Only once thought, by 76%, to identify such things is difficult and requires

The program save a large amount of words, but it is not impossible.


10 best free sites to teach photography

10 best free sites to teach photography


Wonderful sites and distinctive up to your level is very advanced in the art of photography.


Digital photography school

School is a digital imaging of the most famous schools on the Internet in teaching digital photography, if you are a beginner in this field, you can learn in this site step by step until the professionalism, and if you are a professional you can get new ideas and excellent for the development of your abilities more, because most subscribers Photographers experienced large. Runs the site, "Darren Rowse," the founder of a blog problogger competent in presenting the artwork pictured.



Greater reference for all beginners in photography, gives its users quality and interactive learning required and provide them also with the tools required in photography and this is what sets it apart from the rest, this site gives the concepts and terminology required for imaging equipment and methods of editing and post-processing and color management, printing and imaging techniques and style professionals.



Is an academic community on the Internet, you can get free courses are taught by teachers, experts from top universities, and in this site you'll get tips from faculty members, and the site provides references in photography for beginners and ways to use graphics in photography.



This site offers online courses by many professional artists, and can be used in the work of creative projects, and gives lessons to photography and methods of installation effects and the types of lenses and how they selected and lessons in landscape photography and photography while traveling inside the studio and others.



Full site where a lot of useful information about the devices, cameras and even the way portray different purposes and what sets it apart is the more lessons lighting techniques required when shooting.



Beautiful site offers a lot of services Caldros Fi and photo galleries in addition to the evidence and information necessary for professional photography.



One of the oldest photography popular sites on the Internet with photographers including discussion forums and has a photo gallery and educational programs and has so far registered about one million.



Site includes thousands of professional photographers gather to exchange experiences and share beautiful images and most professional in an attempt to expand the area and attract the largest number of interested people and gain more popularity.



Offers users a free course to learn the art of photography on the Internet and offered by a group of specialists in the field of photography with some important lessons to suit all levels of amateur or professional, and the site also contains a special section of questions.



An electronic library containing all types of photography books and books about modern cameras Pfitha optical and digital displays and wrote to imaging methods by explaining the use of the film and the appropriate types of flash lighting and other factors, the success of the picture.



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