10 best free sites to teach photography


Wonderful sites and distinctive up to your level is very advanced in the art of photography.


Digital photography school

School is a digital imaging of the most famous schools on the Internet in teaching digital photography, if you are a beginner in this field, you can learn in this site step by step until the professionalism, and if you are a professional you can get new ideas and excellent for the development of your abilities more, because most subscribers Photographers experienced large. Runs the site, "Darren Rowse," the founder of a blog problogger competent in presenting the artwork pictured.



Greater reference for all beginners in photography, gives its users quality and interactive learning required and provide them also with the tools required in photography and this is what sets it apart from the rest, this site gives the concepts and terminology required for imaging equipment and methods of editing and post-processing and color management, printing and imaging techniques and style professionals.



Is an academic community on the Internet, you can get free courses are taught by teachers, experts from top universities, and in this site you'll get tips from faculty members, and the site provides references in photography for beginners and ways to use graphics in photography.



This site offers online courses by many professional artists, and can be used in the work of creative projects, and gives lessons to photography and methods of installation effects and the types of lenses and how they selected and lessons in landscape photography and photography while traveling inside the studio and others.



Full site where a lot of useful information about the devices, cameras and even the way portray different purposes and what sets it apart is the more lessons lighting techniques required when shooting.



Beautiful site offers a lot of services Caldros Fi and photo galleries in addition to the evidence and information necessary for professional photography.



One of the oldest photography popular sites on the Internet with photographers including discussion forums and has a photo gallery and educational programs and has so far registered about one million.



Site includes thousands of professional photographers gather to exchange experiences and share beautiful images and most professional in an attempt to expand the area and attract the largest number of interested people and gain more popularity.



Offers users a free course to learn the art of photography on the Internet and offered by a group of specialists in the field of photography with some important lessons to suit all levels of amateur or professional, and the site also contains a special section of questions.



An electronic library containing all types of photography books and books about modern cameras Pfitha optical and digital displays and wrote to imaging methods by explaining the use of the film and the appropriate types of flash lighting and other factors, the success of the picture.

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