Luxury gifts for the rich only


It is often said that the gifts are not required to be expensive to gain admiration of other, more important value and what it stands for, but they say this may change their minds if they have received a gift from this list: 

10) trip Virgin Galactic Space TV 
special gift can not be replaced later, where she is preparing the company "Virginia" to launch the first space flight tourist two years from now, and with a 500-seat all on board the spacecraft, were booked 450 seats of them, leaving only 50 seats, and to ensure the trip on board the ship, all you need do pay $ 200 thousand dollars.

9) shoes diamond 
shoes distinctive design, "Michael Shils," dedicated to women, made ​​of pure gold and studded with 2,200 distinctive piece of diamond, making the value of 232 thousand dollars.

8) glasses DG2027B 
Sunglasses distinctive design fashion house "Dolce & Gabbana", made ​​from the finest raw materials available in markets, where the use of pure gold in the design of the tires, which are available to a limited number compared to 383 thousand dollars.

7) kitchen elegant design Maratsi 
British designer "Maratsi" known Ptsamemath stunning kitchens Private businessmen and investors in the world, so if you are planning to get a kitchen distinctive fits your new home, you'll have to pay a sum of money is huge, about 463 thousand dollars to own a piece of art featured inside your home.

6) fountain dance 
to get the fountain characteristic suitable for evenings of romance with your spouse, you can require this of the company WET responsible for providing the same famous fountain in the "Los Angeles" But in the beginning, you should be ready for the costs of the massive, estimated at one million dollars.

5) Hire a yacht Eclipse 
Yes, it is the yacht definition of rich and owned by the Russian billionaire "Roman Abramovich" club president "Chelsea" English, the value of the yacht real is 485 million dollars, but can be rented for one night to spend an evening poetic or birthday celebration one of your friends, only if you're willing to pay $ 2 million dollars.

4) Jewel Amour 
is one of the gifts the most expensive in the world, because they are made ​​from 1600 pieces of diamonds in addition to the collar is made ​​of crocodile skin, with the use of white gold, so it is not surprising that the price of the jewelry piece of this 3.2 million dollars.

3) buy the project Virgin Oceanic 
Project Virgin Oceanic is a submarine sophisticated are working on them at the present time to drop off the wealthy businessmen on trips amazing unimaginable under the water, the value of the overall project is 10 million dollars, but in return you will enjoy Barahalat marine exciting at any time and without any restrictions.

2) Jewelry Elizabeth Taylor, 
one of the most famous stars of "Hollywood" and the most beautiful, is known to possess a bouquet characteristic of jewelry rare, and saw last December to hold a public auction for the sale of those works of art that have received some of the most famous men of politics and art around the world, where the estimated value of the jewelry total of 30 million dollars.

1) Project Utopia 
the most expensive gift in the world as it requires 100 million dollars to get them, which is about an artificial island made ​​up of 11 floors rise 65 meters above the ground, and include airfield for helicopters and docking station, can enjoy the look naturally stunning peak, where reveal the surrounding area at an angle of 360 degrees.

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