Restaurants and cafes visitors Pets


Restaurants and cafes, offering its services rely primarily on pets, between the interest in them, and as a way to entertain customers.


Daily Restaurant, Berlin

Restaurant "Daily," which opened in the German capital, "Berlin", is the first private restaurant

There are dogs and cats, and offers fresh dishes at a price ranging between 3 and 6 euros

For the meal, was the reason behind the opening of the restaurant owner noticed that the dog can not stomach

Carrying canned foods and dried.


Restaurant "Qiu Qiu", Australia

Based in the city, "and Stone Craft", specializing in organic meals for cats and dogs,

The restaurant is the first Australian to pets, the restaurant offers chicken and natural yoghurt

Add to animals because there is a delivery service for homes.


British cafe

British cafe opened in "Stoke-on-Trent" in the county, "Stafford Shire"

Entry is open to many kinds of exotic animals is not only cats and dogs, but

Llamas and skunks are also some other animals, the cafe is based

For members of the Society for the Protection of exotic pets with their animals.


Miao cafe Cafe, Toronto

Cafe "Cafe Miao", located in the city of "Toronto" the first of its kind in Italy,

The service cats and dogs and pets with fondled Also, where can

Customers enjoy the food for them and their animals.


Japanese cafes

Spread cafes devoted to cats and dogs a lot in Japan, to the extent that they have become

Dates, fearing for the lives of cats and other stress.


Restaurant "New York"

Restaurant "Mio Mix enough," the first restaurant dedicated to cats in "New York", the restaurant

Bmoaúd provider cats can sit them to taste 6 different varieties of

Canned foods

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