Scientific experiments crazy not heard by


Scientists have proven their theories conducting experiments crazy and dangerous to themselves .... How was the result?


Barry Marshall

Drinking flask full of bacteria! Everyone told him that the bacteria will not survive in the stomach

Rights, but "Barry Marshall," Australian doctor, who spent all his life in

Study the behavior of bacteria, the bacteria known to cause ulcers, and watched many of the

Patients are cured because of eating antibiotics, for this, and prove to the scientific community

He was right, he decided to "Marshall" drink some bacteria, and when the show began

Symptoms of gastritis proved that he was right, eat some antibiotics,

And went to receive the Nobel Prize in physiology.


Werner Forssman

Put a catheter into his heart! More importantly, a heart surgeon in the history of mankind, it was believed that he could

Access to the heart through the development of a simple tube through the patient's arteries, but

Many of his fellow Germans, told him that this idea a little bit crazy, and they

May be fatal, "Forssman," and decided that he was right, the experiment was conducted

To himself, to prove they are safe. But his help, the nurse, asked him to be conducted

Them, and agreed "Forssman" to this request, but he has Deceit, fearing her,

And performed the experiment on himself already, and then the same images using X-ray

In his office. Then got the Nobel Prize in medicine. 


Stubban Firth

During the period of the spread of yellow fever, malaria, try a medical student, "Firth Stubban"

To prove that malaria is not contagious, but failed to do so. This is one of the

Of the most craziest experiences, where the drying effects of vomiting patient malaria, then the

Cum on the eye, and began to notice the same for a while, until proved he did not hurt the disease. 

But of course now we know that this movement may cause the disease, why has survived

"Stubban"? The fact that the assumptions says that the sample obtained were not

Infectious at the time, which means that it was lucky no more.


Thoor Herdhal

Sailed this crazy world in the Pacific to prove that the ancients have done this earlier!

"Herdhal", the world famous Norwegian, he studied biology, geography, and many

Excavations, to reach the conclusion that the ancients had traveled across the Pacific Ocean,

Using a simple stone raft, this was the one making a similar, escorted

His luggage with him, and he traveled in the Pacific Ocean for more than 101 days, even

Prove that the theory is correct, later, in the world of 2011, proved to genetic research

That the theory of "Herdhal," is the closest health. But despite this, there is still some

Scientists skeptical of this experience, and what he did assert that "Herdhal"

Does not mean anything.


Tycho Brahe

Nabil Danish, as well as an astronomer, and he liked to argue in mathematics too, in

Dinner, in 1566, began a debate on the issue of sports-specific, and objected to the

One of his guests, and the evolution of matter between them for the brawl, then a duel with swords, was

"Brahe" an excellent athlete, and a fighter is a master, and in this cause to lose

His nose as a result of this quarrel.


Pierre Auguste

Require surgery good, anesthesia well, this world famous German knew this lesson

Very early, and has been trying to access the best formula for anesthesia, and he was thinking in that

The best place to process anesthesia, is in the spinal column, and I think that the best way

To make sure of this, is to conduct an experiment on himself. This is a request for help from the Ihaknh

Material of cocaine in the spine. After that the frequency Assistant, the "Pierre" Unlike

Experiment, conducted by the assistant, and even makes sure that he does not feel anything in his feet,

The amortization of the cigarette butts, and beaten with a hammer, of course, lost Hodeidah ..

Then his job, but he changed the face of the world of anesthesia.


Sir Henry Head

Sometimes exceed the limits of scientific obsession with logic, and this is what he did the conduct of "River Head",

It is a famous British neurosurgeon, when the nerves of the hands and disarm in order to study the

The effect of this on his sense of pain, and the difference between the sensory nerves and those of other

Kinetic. Got "Head" on many nominations Nobel Prizes in medicine. 


George Stratton

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you wear lenses volatility of the picture? This is what

Do "Stratton" world famous psychiatry, who wore this type of lenses

For a whole week. After four full days of this experience, he began to feel dizzy and not

The ability to balance, but his vision remained upside down, and during the fifth day, he began his brain

The heart of the image. When he arrived on the eighth day, he was able to walk in the world of



Elza and trample

When World War II began, the problems of food began to appear in Britain,

And affect a large proportion of people. So I decided, "and trample" to start in

Try to find enough food for humans, but they were not know how to start,

I stopped for food. Offered the same for many of the diets that aim of

Through which to see what is enough food, which guarantees survival,

And recorded the results.


Kevin Warwick

British scientist, and electronics-obsessed, beyond the limits of logic and reason,

Where it around his body to the body of a letter, in 1998, had been planting a number

Of chips in the arm works like a computer, Vtadhae light, or shut it down,

As well as open doors remotely, and it was always going to measure these different effects

That occur all the time himself. 

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