Scientific experiments strange to read thought


Some exotic experiments carried out by some scientists to read the ideas which is on its way to turn this dream into reality.



Enables a group of scientists, from the experiments carried out for the development of one of the forms of reading ideas

Users of virtual reality techniques such as magnetic resonance imaging, and include these experiments

Control of neural activity to determine what an individual thinks, Valzchriat stored in certain regions

The results of the brain by magnetic resonance imaging is accurate images of the building faces people

And which can identify the criminals in the minds of their victims, it can also work developments

Them to rebuild the full visual experiences of the past.


Echo LG

One of the inventions discovered by a group of scientists which is an acronym for "planning electrophoretic

To the cerebral cortex, "they integrates them with some computer software in order to know the ideas and words

Imagined by the human mind, and the invention depends on the implantation of electrodes deep in the brain, what

Scientists are watching makes the cells individually and with high accuracy and the electrodes are connected by wires directly

To the computer for the program will complete response of all that is going on in the brain.


Planting circuit in the brain

Some scientists have managed to exploit the device planted in the brain of a patient to increase electricity

In the body and in Ozvoh experience will enable them to know what he thinks before he speaks human,

By monitoring a particular area of ​​the brain when thinking Tthvz. Over time, they will be able

Interpretation of everything that goes on in the human brain and thinking only once.



Could a group of scientists from the Institute, "Max Planck" to know what is going on in the head

Person by reading his thoughts by displaying random images on a volunteer during

Scan of his brain, and this survey is to predict what he saw from the pictures using the analytical program

On the computer, this program works on an analysis of pumping blood in the brain regions, including the

Can predict the images of the things that he saw a person with an accuracy of 78%, and why

The complete lack of vision that anyone who can not control his thoughts is fragmented thinking

In more than one thing at once.


Sensors brain

One of the experiments for scientists from the University of "Utah" the U.S., where they were able to identify

Some of the words that the person thinks about it before you pronounce them, and that their status as some of the sensors

The bottom of the brain (the area between the neck and the cerebellum), and asked the volunteer to utter some

Words and tied every word tell her outgoing referring to the brain, and after they finished recording

Some words, they asked him to think of several words and already managed to identify them

Only once thought, by 76%, to identify such things is difficult and requires

The program save a large amount of words, but it is not impossible.


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